“Healthy Grains”… I think not.

Why Paleo? A Doctor’s Perspective

The media and current nutritional guidelines would have you believe that grains are a healthy part of a balanced diet. Not true. There are many reasons to avoid grains, processed dairy and legumes. Avoiding processed foods can improve your health, performance and improve body composition.

Grains contain various proteins that our immune system as sees as foreign invaders. Consumption of these “healthy grains” leads to microscopic inflammation in our gut. This inflammation weakens our gut’s defense system and allows other invaders such as viruses, toxins and other foreign materials to enter our bodies, leading to systemic inflammation at all cellular levels. Potential effects of this inflammation include autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid disease, arthritis and certain cancers to name a few. Besides leading to disease and systemic inflammation, grains also lead to dramatic insulin spikes, which in turn increase cortisol levels, further resulting in systemic inflammation. All of these factors lessen your health, decrease your ability to perform at your best and make it nearly impossible to achieve your body composition goals.

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