WOD 1.3.14 Friday

A. Ground to Overhead

  • 2,500 lbs

B. 3 rounds  (set up in a circuit):

40sec ON: 20sec OFF

  • 40 sec Box jumps
  • 40 sec OH Walking Lunges
  • 40 sec Burpees
  • 40 Push Ups
  • Run 200m

C. 30 sec / each side

  • Couch Stretch
  • Chest Stretch
  • Banded Lats Stretch

The best way to lift something from ground to overhead is by employing the techniques of Olympic weightlifting.

  • The benefits of olympic weightlifting are many, they include: lower resting heart rate, lower systolic blood pressure, greater muscle mass, lower body fat, greater bone density, stronger joints and connective tissue, greater athletic ability, etc…
  • Weightlifting is universally scalable, so you don’t have to be a meat-head to achieve a good number here.
  • Whether you can do 25 pounds 100 times or 100 pounds 25 times, start light with good form and don’t be afraid to add weight. You can do this with a barbell, a kettle bell, a can of beans, etc…Pictograms of Olympic sports - Weightlifting. ...

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