WOD 1.9.14 Thursday


A. Snatch Technique work (goat)

  • 20 minute running clock


  • 3x Power Snatch (80% of 1RM)
  • 4x Dips
  • 5x Box jumps (30/24″)

Rest 2 minutes, then:


  • 3x Snatch Grip High Pull (135/105)
  • 4x Push Press (95/55#)
  • 5x Air Squat

C. 3x

  • 4 Ring Ball-ups + Skin-the-cat
  • 4 Shoot thrus
  • 10-15 sec Support Hold

The Support

A basic requirement for ring work is to obtain a solid, proper support in which your arms are straight, hips open, and chest up.

  • The rings should be turned out between 15 and 45 degrees so that the insides of your elbows are facing forward.
  • Before moving on to presses, rolls, or any other support work, you should be able to hold this position for a minimum of 15 seconds with little to no movement.
Ring Support Ring Support, Rings Turned Out



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