WOD 1.16.14 Thursday

We are specifically increasing squat volume this week. Squatting is a movement at the FOUNDATION of CrossFit.

  • Points of Performance for Squating:
  1. Full extension at the top of the movement
  2. Start the movement pushing your hips back with weight through the heels, “rip the ground apart” with your feet.
  3. Keep your chest up.
  4. Crease of hip below top of knee
  5. Power up from the bottom without “popping” or leading with butt.

 If you fail to do any of these 5 things in your squat you need to go lighter. Get the technique down BEFORE you add weight.


A. Front Squat or Back Squat (your choice)

  •  Take 10 minutes to Work up to heavy 3 (Not 3RM; but close)
  • then: EMOM 10 : 3 Squats

B. Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds; Count your Reps!

  • 1 min Wall Balls
  • 1 min Box jumps
  • 1 min SDLHP
  • 1 min Push Press
  • 1 min airDyne (Calories)
  • 1 min Rest

C. Mobility

  • Use the rest of class time to smash, roll, and/or stretch what ails you!



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