WOD 4.15.14 Tuesday… Why Deadlift?

Why Deadlift?

The benefits of dead lifting are many and varied. If you have not added it to your program yet, you probably will after learning of its amazing qualities. Indeed, dead lifting is advantageous because:

Minimum Equipment

It requires little in the way of equipment and preparation. A bar and the willingness to lift it are the only real requirements for a successful deadlift. Wraps are optional, and in many cases, not required.

Core Stability

It builds core stability. The deadlift directly targets all of the major muscle groups responsible for correct posture and core strength. Correct deadlifting technique enables one to hold their back straight when engaging in daily activities, due to its emphasis on maintaining a straight back throughout its movement.

The deadlift will also strengthen all the surrounding supporting muscles of the waist, backside, hips and, of course, lower back. Core strength is important in terms of maintaining ones balance, and weight transference (whether in sport or daily life).

More Muscles Worked

As mentioned, it works more muscles simultaneously than any other movement (yes, including even the beloved squat). The many muscles the deadlift targets will be discussed in the next section. The deadlift truly forces the whole body to grow.


It is relatively risk free and safe to perform. With the deadlift, there is no risk of getting pinned under a maximum lift (as with the squat and bench press), and provided form is correct, will not unduly stress any of the major joints.

Real Life Application

It has a real life application. Lifting objects from the ground, from a variety of angles, is enhanced through regular deadlifting. The real life functionality of the deadlift comes into play when one becomes strong enough to lift a heavy object (furniture for example), while decreasing the likelihood of injuring themselves.

Gripping Strength

It develops gripping strength. If done without wraps, the deadlift will strengthen the grip like no other movement due to the sheer weight involved (it is not uncommon for one to work up to 300+ pounds for repetitions).

True Measure Of Strength

It could be argued that, in a powerlifting context, the deadlift is a true measure of strength due to its lack of emphasis on various performance aids (suits etc). It also employs more muscle groups, and therefore could be deemed a better test of overall muscle strength.

Special Appeal

It has a special appeal. Simply picking a weight off the floor, and engaging all major muscle groups in the process, has a special primordial appeal – sort of like ripping a gigantic tree out of the ground. Standing and holding the massive weight also promotes a feeling of immense power

Cardio-Respiratory Fitness

It helps to develop cardio respiratory fitness. Like the squat, deadlifts will severely tax the cardio respiratory system if done with enough intensity. This obviously has positive ramifications for cardiovascular health. In fact, high intensity deadlifts aerobically tax the body big time.

Tuesday WOD

A. 4 SuperSets:

  • 8 Barbell Dead Lift: build to heavy then work across, focusing on perfect technique
  • 8 Alt 1-arm DB Press (strict: 35/20#)


  • 6 Barbell B.O. Row
  • 6 Burpees

2 minute rest, followed by:


  • 6 Ring Row
  • 6 Drop Lunge /side

C. Cool down:

2 sets/ 30 sec each

  • Couch stretch
  • Pigeon stretch
  • Boot-strapper w/ reach
  • Chest stretch w/ TRX

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