WOD 4.22.14 Tuesday… Test week


Thorough Mobility and Warm-Up

Day 2/Test 1

Max Effort Wall Ball

Test is to be performed as one unbroken set. Resting of any kind is NOT permitted. Dropping the ball on the ground is NOT permitted. The test is performed by keeping a steady pace. Any reps where the ball does not hit the target do not count, however missed target reps are not considered “Breaking” the set, so simply discount the missed rep and continue your capacity test.

Record Score: Medicine Ball Weight / Number of reps i.e. 10#/51

Rest 5-10 mins

Day 2/Test 2

Max Effort Pull-Ups

Test is to be performed as one unbroken set. Set begins when feet leave the ground and ends when feet re-touch the ground. You may move your hands around on the bar to re-grip. Reps where chin does not clear the bar at the top or arms do not come to full extension at the bottom will not count but are NOT considered “Breaking” the set. Simply discount those reps and continue with capacity test.

Record Score: Number of Pull-Ups/Type of Pull-Up/Band color (if used) i.e. 40/Butterfly+Standard Kip/No Band

Day 2/Test 3

Find 1RM Squat

Build to 1RM Back Squat. Start with bar on back at full stand, descend in the squat until hips are just below knees, stand up fully.


One thought on “WOD 4.22.14 Tuesday… Test week

  1. Exciting! 🙂

    Kristen Butler Sent from my iPhone


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