WOD 4.23.14 Wednesday… Test Week


Remember to come as many days this week as you can.  Make it a priority to get in, as these data points provide you with a snapshot of where you are.  They also allow us to review our programming and see where our gym as a whole is and determine where we are relatively weak and strong.

Day 3/ Test 1

Max Ring Dips

For this test assume a support position, test begins when feet leave the ground, test ends when one or both feet re-touch the ground.  These are to be LEGIT ring dips.  Meaning your hips must travel up and down the same distance as your shoulders.  Ideally you will setup your rings so that you can have your legs completely straight at both the top AND bottom of the ring dip!  For our purposes depth of each dip should be shoulders just below the elbow (similar to hips just below the knees while squatting).
Record: # of reps, and what, if any, band used

Rest 5 Minutes

Day 3/Test 2

400 meter Time trial

Rest 5- 10 Minutes

Day 3/Test 3

3 Rounds
Run 400
21 KBS 1.5/1
12 Pull ups


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