WOD 7.24.14 Thursday

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.03.40 AM

GYMNASTY/Mobility Day

Why Handstands? The point of mastering a handstand is to develop motor-learning skills. The benefits to your exercise elements skill set are secondary.

The handstand is the movement of choice for developing motor neuron pathways applicable to exercise because it requires precise control over every body part. Holding a handstand requires activation of each of the major muscle groups as well as the sensory-motor control systems essential to maintaining balance. The cues given to athletes just learning handstands are complex and most likely conceptually brand new. Having to think about multiple specific body cues, while attempting to balance upside down adds a new level of challenge and likely general discomfort. The ability to process complex thought into bodily action while in an unnatural, and likely uncomfortable, state is a careful skill that takes time to develop and will carry over to each of your exercise endeavors.

A. 4 sets

  • 20 sec T-Spine foam roll
  • 20 sec Thoracic Spine Barbell Stretch*

*Lay on your stomach with your legs together, knees straight and toes pointed.  Arms are shoulder width apart holding onto a barbell above you.  Actively push down on your shoulders concentrating on getting your armpits to the ground below you.  You’ll have to experiment with the appropriate barbell height.

B. 30sec ON: 30sec OFF

  • 3 x Hollow Hold on Hands (Continually work on holding your position lower and lower to the ground.)

C.  3 sets

  • 3 wall walks, hold 10 seconds w/belly to wall and neutral neck/head)
  • 20 Arch/Hollow Roll + V-Up *

*Alternate direction of rolling, keep your arms by your ears and be sure that you are sitting up all the way on the V-Up, let the work come from your abs, don’t rely on momentum from your arms to reach your toes.

D. 4x

  • 30′ Seal Walk



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