WOD 7.29.14 Tuesday


  • Movement: knee hugs, quad stretches, cradle walks, hamstring kicks, lateral lunges, butt-kickers, high knee runs, lateral shuffles, karaokes, skips
  • Stationary: Boot-Strappers, jumping jacks, seal jacks, gate swings, and balance reaches
  • Muscle activation: Bridges, prone W-Y-T raises, bird-dogs, cat & cow

A.  Hang Power Snatch

  • Work to a 3rm

B.  Strict Press

  • 3@70%
  • 3@80%
  • Max Reps@90%,
  • rest as needed


  • 200 Shuttle Run (50 sections)
  • 10 1-arm DB Ground to Overhead (45/35#)
  • 45 sec Handstand hold (practice lifting hands/ shifting weight)
  • 10  Burpee Box Overs (20/16)

D. 3 Sets:

  • Max Effort Strict Pull-Ups
  • 10Weighted Sit-Ups (AHAP) (Put feet through heavy Dumbbells and hold a third Dumbbell to the top of your head)



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