WOD 8.5.14 Tuesday

Warm up: 10 OHS; 2 minutes prone wall squat; 2 minutes  pigeon sweep; re-test OHS; test overhead position; keg drill; test overhead position; 1 minute/side bully band

A. Tall Power Snatch

  • work to a 3rm (might not be very heavy if you are still working on technique)

The bar starts at the hips and without a dip at all you move the bar vertically into the top of the 2nd pull and violently pull yourself into the bottom of the Front Squat. DO NOT DIP FIRST TO START THE MOVEMENT.

B. Strict Press

  • 5@75%
  • 3@85%
  • Max Reps @95%
  • rest as needed

C. 3 rounds

1:00 ME HS Walk (for total distance)
1:00 Rest

D. 3 RFT

10 Clean & Push Jerks (anyhow) 135/95#
20 Lateral Burpees (sideways jump over bar)

E. 3 Sets

10 Weighted Strict Pull-Ups, AHAP – rest 90 sec.
10Weighted Sit-Ups, AHAP- rest 90 sec. (Put feet under something  heavy and hold a Medball to the top of your head)


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