WOD 8.11.14 Monday = Deload week

Congrats to our newly married couple, Camille and Jacob!!!


WOD 8.11.14 Monday

A. 4 rounds

  • 3 tire flips or partner tire flips
  • 6 sledge hammer (each side)
  • 10 KB clean and jerk (each side)
  • 3 Skin-the-cat  (rings or pullup bar)

B. 2 Rounds

  • The Big Wheel

Each exercise is performed for 3 repetitions. Alternate 3 sit-up throws between these six exercises: L & R 1-arm shot-put, L & R side toss,  w/twist, 2-arm chest pass,overheads.

C. Flexibility 4 sets

  •  20 sec. Handstand Hamstring Stretch
  •  30 sec.  Handstand Hold @ 30 Degree angle

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