Measuring Body Composition Changes

Measuring Body Composition Changes

We don’t emphasize physique changes in the Surf Athletics CrossFit training programs. Though they definitely do occur, our primary concerns are in moving and feeling better and physique improvement is just a nice side effect.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use these changes as a way to measure your progress.

However, be wary of using your weight on a scale to evaluate improvement.

You can have substantial physical improvements and remain at the same weight for months at a time. The scale is a poor calculation of fitness levels.

Body area circumference measurements, especially at the waist, are good and reliable indicators of change. If your weight stays the same but you’ve lost an inch off your waist, that’s a sure sign that you’ve gained muscle and lost fat.

If you have access to accurate body fat measuring tools, such as Dexa scans, BodPods, or hydrostatic weighing, then going in every two to three months is a great way to track your body fat loss goals. Even a qualified person who can reliably perform fat caliper testing is a good option.

The mirror selfie before-and-after shot is a running joke in social media, but also not a bad way to see improvements. Just make sure to keep the photo conditions the same each time. Location, lighting, clothes, time of day, and your posture can make a big difference in how you look.



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