WOD 9.30.14 Tuesday– Test WEEK


  • Agile 8:  from Joe De Franco (please learn this; will refer back often)
  1. Foam roll IT Band- 20 rolls ea
  2. Foam roll Piriformis- 20 rolls ea
  3. Foam roll Adductors and VMO- 20 rolls ea
  4. V-sit roll-over w/toe touch- X10
  5. Quadriped hip circles- X5 front and back, each side
  6. Groiner- Lunge stretch split-jump- X10
  7. Prone Scorpions- X10
  8. 30 sec/ea Couch stretch (w/opp. arm up)


  • 150 Jump Rope
  • 10 Boot Strappers

A. Find your 3RM Bench Press

  • Benchmarks: .5xBW, .75xBW, BW, etc…

B. Find your 1RM Front Squat

  • Benchmarks: .5xBW, .75XBW, 1XBW, 1.25XBW, 1.5XBW, etc….

C. Max Unbroken Jump Rope

  • Singles: 50, 75, 100… (start practicing doubles!!!)
  • Doubles: 5, 15, 30, 50, 75

D. Handstand Max Hold (optional)


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