Sitting is the new smoking… Plus, stand-up desk recipe

There’s a saying going around that sitting is the new smoking. Subtle, right?

smoke sit

What happens to your body when you’re sitting down?

  • Sitting for too long slows down the body’s metabolism and the way the enzyme lipoprotein lipase breaks down our fat reserves
  • On the other hand, blood glucose levels and blood pressure both increase.

But without that activity, blood sugar levels and blood pressure keep creeping up, steadily damaging the inside of the arteries and raising the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Getting more active and spending less time sitting down is the single biggest step you can take towards cutting the risk of developing those deadly diseases.

Ready to take a stand?

Standing desk ergonomics

Building a standing desk on a regular desk

When you’re working in a coworking space or in a regular office, the friction to go from sitting to standing is usually high:

  • You already have an existing desk in your workspace
  • Your boss would rather you die in your chair than live on your feet

So, what’s the IKEA recipe?

photo (5)


One thought on “Sitting is the new smoking… Plus, stand-up desk recipe

  1. Additionally, I would add a bar at the bottom of the desk to elevate your foot (like you would find at a bar). It allows for your pelvis to sit in proper alignment and take the shear off your lower back.
    Bar foot-rails are put in drinking establishments to make you as comfortable as possible, so you will stay and tip back a few more beevos!!!

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