U.S. Army Applies CrossFit to Prevent Injuries

Let me be clear: If the ACSM or NSCA were right, and CrossFit put US Military troops at a higher risk for injury than other physical activity, they’d be able to substantiate this claim with data from the thousands of US soldiers who have undergone CrossFit training. Yet the ACSM and NSCA have have failed to provide any data to support this claim, whatsoever. READ ON…

Keep Fitness Legal

Source: Wikipedia. Lieutenant General Robert Abrams, CrossFitter. Source: Wikipedia.

He’s a three-star General. President Obama selected him as Secretary of Defense Hagel’s senior military advisor. The Abrams tank is named after his father. As a young soldier, his nickname was “the natural-born killer.” He has two brothers; both are generals. When the Iraqi insurgency exploded in Sadr City in 2004, Abrams commanded three thousand troops at the center of the fight, just as his dad Creighton Abrams commanded American soldiers in the Vietnam War.

You could say Lieutenant General Robert Abrams has a distinguished biography. But one of his achievements has received little coverage: launching the mass adoption of CrossFit in the U.S. Army.

The Abrams Study: Does CrossFit Increase Injury Rates? 

In 2012 Abrams commanded the Third Infantry Division, based in Fort Stewart, Georgia. That year he began an ambitious program to train the Third Infantry Division’s soldiers in CrossFit. In the two years…

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