Nutrition TidBits from OPEX Fitness

January 17, 2015 | OPEX Fitness.


While there are basics that you should stick to in food prescription—a basic template of good nutrition (meat, vegetables, some fruit, , little starch, no sugar water), there are also a variety of factors that you should consider for nutrition planning, including: the constitution of the person, ethnicity, age, gender, economics, emotional state, climate, gut health, stress levels, etc. Factors, such as these, should be taken into consideration, along with tests through hematology, the basic terrain of the person, and the requirements for the current function (ie. Active vs. inactive; type of training; etc.).

So, with all these factors to consider, how do you know, or where do you learn, what is best for YOU or for your client?

Below are some books I have read that have shaped my nutrition philosophy and given me more insight into nutrition protocols for various clients over the years. No particular order of importance, just the top ones. After all, if you only know one way, is it the only way?    Keep reading: January 17, 2015 | OPEX Fitness.


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