WOD 3.4.15 Wednesday

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A. 4 Rounds: Add weight each round

  • 3 Strict Press
  • 3 Push Press
  • 3 PushJerk

B. Jerk Movement practice

1. Jerk Footwork Drill 3 sets/ 4 reps

  • Establish the proper foot positioning of the split jerk. You need to determine which foot the lifter will naturally put in front, and then determine the correct distance and angle for the foot placement.
  • Practice the act of splitting the feet to these pre-determined positions without weight, hands on hips.

2. Jerk Pop  3 sets/ 4 reps

  • The feet are placed in the final landing position for the split jerk, and the feet are simply replaced as the athlete makes a popping motion (Fast “dip and drive”) to simulate the catching portion of the jerk with feet in place.

3. Full Split Jerk 3 sets/ 4 reps

  • Performed utilizing the cues and positions that were taught in 1 & 2 above

C. Split Jerk

  • Work to heavy Jerk (not Max)

D. 5 RFT

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Situps
  • 15 Air Squats

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