WOD 5.29.15 Friday


  • RUN 400m
  • Agile 8

A. Romanian Dead Lift from the rack

  • 5-5-5-5-5
    • Use LATS to actively pull bar back into thighs
    • Push hips, bar, knees back; Shoulders come forward

“Join the Fight Against Muscular Atrophy” HAHAHAHA

B. RUN/Jog:

  • 300m

C. EMOM 10

  • ODD: 12 single-leg KB RDL (6/leg)
  • EVEN: 15-20 Push ups

D. EMOM ?– Death by 10m

  • MIN 1×10 m shuttle run
  • MIN 2×10 m shuttle run
  • MIN 3×10 m shuttle run
  • etc… until you cannot finish before the minute is up!

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