WOD 4.1.15 Wednesday

A. Front Squat

  • 5×2 – across

B.  Bench Press

  • 5×5 – across


  • 40m Heavy Farmer’s Carry
  • 20 KBS (50/35)
  • 16 RFESS w/BB or DB (8/leg)
  • 12 Pull ups

D. Core 3x

  • 10 Dead bugs
  • 4/side TGU

WOD 3.26.15 Thursday



  • Foam Roll
  • Agile 8
  • 1 mile: Run/jog/walk  (bad back?… row or ride 2 miles)

A. Gymnastic Skills (choose 2 or more) 30 minutes

  • Kipping (practice on floor and bar)
  • headstands
  • handstands/walking
  • Ring dips
  • candlestick to stand/ shoulder rolls
  • hollow rocks
  • core work

B. Mobility

  • Ankles
  • knees
  • hips
  • shoulders

WOD 11.18.14 Tuesday


  • 300m Jog/Run
  • Couch Stretch: 1min/leg
  • 300m Jog
  • Pigeon Stretch: 1min/leg
  • 300m Jog/Run


  • 5 PVC wall-facing squats
  • 10 Push-Ups


A. EMOM 10

  • Snatch High Pull + Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch

B. Back Squat

  • Find your 1RM (Beginners: find 3RM)


  • 10 Single Arm DB Snatches (50/35#) (5/arm)
  • 10 DB Goblet Step-Ups (20”)

D. Mobility

  • Lacrosse Ball: Traps smash
  • 10x: Up Dog – Down Dog

WOD 10.13.14 Monday


SMFR: Stiff parts

Warm-up: Run 600m/ Row 1K /AirDyne 1 mile

10 each: hip circles/ inch worms/ slam balls/ v-sit to roll-up/ tuck jumps/ air squats (after 30s lunge stretch)


  • 4 Back Squat (155/115)(135/95)


  • build to a max

C. Bear Complex

5 Rounds- 7 Circuits Equals One Round

  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push Press
  • Back Squat
  • Push Press

***Add weight during each round, working up to your heaviest during the final round – round 5.

D. 3x

  • Max effort HS walk/hold on wall ; rest as needed

WOD 10.10.14 Friday… “Gym-nasty”


A. With a 20 minute running clock

Goat Work: Choose one:

If you do not have pull-ups:

  • 3 sets of band-assisted pull-ups – target 8-10 reps, chin WELL over the bar
    Rest 60 seconds between sets
    If you get more than 10 in all sets, use a lighter band so it’s hard to get 8 reps per set.
  • 3 sets of ring rows – target 8-10 reps, rings to chest (fully Prone)
    Rest 60 seconds between sets
    If you get more than 10 in all sets, adjust the feet to make it hard to get 8 reps per set (try to get fully Prone).
  • 3 sets of 10 dumbbell or barbell biceps curls (AHAP)
    Rest 60 seconds between sets

If you do not have muscle-ups:

  • 3 sets of max false-grip ring pull-ups
    Rest 60 seconds between reps
    Pull the rings as deep as possible – right into your armpits if possible
  • 3 sets of 5 ring-row transitions Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxzOrYbSf5k
    Rest 60 seconds between sets
  • 3 sets of dips – bars or rings, targeting 8-10 reps
    If you get more than 10 in all sets, adjust the assistance or add resistance to make it
    hard to get 8 reps per set.

If you do not have kipping:

If you do not have Handstands:

  • Level 1 – 60-Second Wall Plank
  • Level 2 – 60-Second Wall Handstand
  • Level 3 – Pirouette Bail (Check out more about the pirouette bail here.)
  • Level 4 – Kick-up and Freestanding Control


B. 5 Rounds NFT

  • 200m Run
  • 12 Thrusters
  • 9 Weighted Push-ups
  • 6  Tire Flips

Metabolic Effect: Movement Quality Improvements Through Nutrition

The Metabolic Effect. Learning what works for “ME

excerpt from Bulletproof Radio interview with Dr. Jade Teta

What is The Metabolic Effect? How does it make people better?

The key is the acronym tells you everything. Metabolic Effect is ME meaning me (point at yourself here), meaning that it is all about you the individual, finding what works for you. Each person has a different optimal metabolic effect or metabolic response to their diet, to their exercise, to their lifestyle. This idea is a hard one… Following only one type of nutrition regimen or one exercise concept, and being unwilling to open up to all types of functional movement and different diet concepts, may h

Metabolic effect is really that acronym ME, tells you you need to find the diet, exercise, lifestyle inputs that optimize YOUR metabolism. There’s a lot of work involved in that but the good news is when you learn the process how the metabolism works globally for humans and then individually for you, you have that process that works forever. When you go through menopause or andropause, if you’re a man, or you get pregnant and go through pregnancy or even women with their menstrual cycle, you start to learn to decipher what is going on in your metabolism. You learn that the metabolism is not static. The other thing about the metabolism that everybody misses that it does not work like a calculator(think: “calories in v. calories out”). It works more like a seesaw. It is adaptive and reactive to everything you do.

There are two things required to lose weight. You absolutely require a calorie deficit. You also require hormonal balance. You need both, but here’s the problem. When you go after a calories-first approach, it actually causes an unbalanced hormonal metabolism so people are coming at it from the wrong way.

Now, there certainly are those people who are numbers-crunchers, and it works. They are in the minority. Here is the thing, yes, calories matter; yes, hormones matter. They both matter. It’s not one or the other. You can count calories which makes it alluring and people like that. “Oh, I can count these macros and I can count these calories.” They think we can’t count hormones but in a sense we can count hormones because hormones impact things like cravings.They impact hunger, they impact energy. There is what I call hunger, energy and cravings or HEC, a fun acronym HEC. If your HEC is in check you know that your metabolism is balanced. You know your hormones are balanced.

You’ll never address movement impairments optimally unless nutrition and supplementation are spot on.

It’s amazing how many athletes will bust their butts in the gym and in rehab, following those programs to a “T” – but supplement that work with a steady diet of energy drinks and crappy food. I’m not talking about debating whether grains and dairy are bad, and whether “paleo” is too extreme for an athlete; those are calculus questions when we should be talking about basic math. A lot of athletes literally don’t eat vegetables or drink enough water. That’s as basic as it comes.

Accept that 80% of your body composition is determined by what you eat.  Movement quality will never improve optimally unless you’re healthy on the inside, too.

Start thinking about nutrition as giving you the body you always wanted, and exercise as just giving you a sharper, more agile and supple version of that.

OK so it’s been said that Success is 80% food and 20% everything else. Truthfully, you have to zoom out a little further to see the whole picture. When you look at things from farther back, success is 80% psychology and 20% everything else.

Have you ever said this?: “I know what to do now, I just can’t/don’t do it.” Of course you can’t do it. If you haven’t addressed your toxic beliefs, your negative self-talk, your adverse childhood experiences, your unmet needs, your symbolic substitutes, or the addiction cycle, you’re doomed to failure. The more we see that psychology is just as important in fighting food addiction and obesity, the better off we’ll be.


Be Present When You Eat…

Eating With Awareness

Have you ever taken a conferences call during lunch, or eaten dinner in front of the TV? Often times you can look down and not even realize you’ve cleaned your plate. Too often we rush through meals so that we can continue on with our busy schedules, without giving any thought to what we are shoving into our pie holes. Did you enjoy it? Did you eat too much/too little? Was it even good for you?

Eat with purpose!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 7.53.37 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.17.45 PM